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Opp+Att is dedicated to selling with a purpose to build upon others confidence and add on to ones beauty. Opp+Att stands for Opposites Attract because we are naturally attracted to others who we see as different and exciting. We see things in others that we ourselves are lacking and therefor we are attracted to the opposite. I am the opposite as we all are. I attract others with my craft, for I see myself in my craft and all the things I wish to share with others. Color combinations, style, size and overall confidence. 

You can find my contact information in the contacts tab.


All customer accounts information is stored when you create an account. This information  will not be used outside the website. Every product is made with love and a dose of confidence!

Thank you for your services. 

Privacy & Safety

Wix platform and my store we collect data to help understand our customers.  This information is collected when accounts are created, transactions (purchases, returns, refunds, etc.), purchase history, tracking a purchase, and addresses. This information is collected automatically when you create an account. 

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If you are interested in my products and would like to sell in your store please go to the contact link for my information. 

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